Observers worried that “nuclear chain reaction” could still occur at Fukushima… cleanup could take 100 years or more : Natural News


(Natural News) On March 11, 2011, terror struck northeastern Japan in the form of a massive magnitude-9 earthquake, which in turn unleashed a devastating tsunami that wiped out virtually everything in the city of Sukuiso. The effects of the earthquake were felt around the entire world, and even years later, the people of Japan were still finding debris washing up on shore. According to the Japanese government, the total damage caused by the earthquake cost the country an astonishing 25 trillion yen, the equivalent of roughly 300 billion U.S. dollars.

A few years later, it was discovered that radioactive water was being leaked from the Fukushima power plant, which experienced a level 7 nuclear meltdown following the tsunami. According to Japan’s Reconstruction Agency, as of 2015, 230,000 people whose homes were destroyed in 2011 were still living in temporary housing. Also as of 2015, according to Japan’s…

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