SKWAWKBOX in the news again: Marr


Yesterday, the SKWAWKBOX was discussed in a Buzzfeed article about the rise, popularity and impact of the independent Left media (or ‘alt-left’ as the author, Jim Waterson, described it).

marrThis morning, the blog was mentioned on the BBC’s flagship Sunday morning programme, The Marr Show, as Waterson and others discussed the ‘parallel election campaign’ that’s going on via social media.

Of course, Marr and the others were quick to write the phenomenon off as an ‘echo chamber’, but – well, they would, wouldn’t they.

The crucial thing – which was discussed with Waterson during the interview with him but didn’t make it into the article – is ‘overspill’. Of course the blog has regular readers and we appreciate them hugely – but when anyone shares a SKWAWKBOX (or Evolve, Angry Voice, Vox Political, Canary etc) article, that post is seen by friends, family and acquaintances who might not be…

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