Theresa May’s psychotic divorce strategy : Another Angry Voice


Isn’t it strange how it’s possible for bad situations to escalate gradually so that people don’t actually realise how extreme things are getting until its far too late?

Watching Theresa May’s approach to the Brexit negotiations become ever more deranged is a perfect example of the way social groups tends to accept a slow buildup of erratic behaviour until it reaches a crescendo of insanity, when an immediate outburst of insanity from the beginning would have shocked people out of their indifference and forced them to put a stop to it.

Just imagine for a moment that during the Tory leadership contest Theresa May would have outlined her Brexit strategy along the following lines:

  • We fob the electorate off with utterly vacuous Brexit means Brexit platitudes for around six months while we desperately try to cobble together some kind of plan.
  • As we are trying to botch together…

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