#115 Weird – ‘Sadness Is Not Depression’


Flight of the Navigator. There’s two things that resonate when I think of that movie. Firstly of my childhood; sitting up until maybe 9 or even 10pm on those rare, but special occasions. As a child there is something mythical about the post bedtime phase of the day, and for some reason staying up to watch Flight of the Navigators was one such occasion. I loved that movie, but a quick search just showed that it got 6.7 on IMDB. Given my immovable desire to agree with others it means I can’t like it anymore*.

The second Flight of the Navigators resonation* comes in the form a conversational saver, changer, boy in a manger. You know when a conversation rolls into the area of disinterest, where one person is talking but everyone else is losing interest? Or when the conversation just starts dying a death and everyone can see it gliding…

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