RomCom Change of Mind

Chaos of Randomonium

So what should I have for dinner?  Looking at the bones of my refrigerator . . . I need to go grocery shopping.  I’ll do that tomorrow after working with Tom on his tent.  Humm, wonder if I have . . . YES!  I have exactly what I need to make myself a makeshift caesar/ranch chicken spinach salad.  This is the last of my spinach, so as I pick through it to make my salad I start to think about what kind of movie I’d like to watch tonight.  Maybe one of the Marvel movies?  Humm, not really in an action mood.  I could always go for a comedy tho.  Yeah, that sounds good.  So I chop up the leftover chicken I had from my work lunches, sprinkle some sesame seeds for the crunch and lightly (for me anyways) drizzle some ranch and caesar dressing before mixing my protein shake…

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