Smitten and Cornered

Chaos of Randomonium

Friday night and NO social obligations.  No work tomorrow and I have the night to myself.  Most people might consider this boring, but me?  Oh how I love it!  Humm, I wonder what I am going to have for dinner?  I think I should get dressed first.  Laughing to myself as I finish toweling off.  My movements are slower than normal because I always push myself in the gym more on Fridays than any other day.  A full body workout with high weight and low reps.  It is a good payoff because I have never felt better . . . other than the ache in my muscles right now.  Humm, I think I might treat myself, considering I hit a milestone at the gym with my squats, I think I’ll go get me some pizza at the arcade bar.  I’m not sure about that tho, it would be crowded tonight…

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