What would Labour do for the working people? : Another Angry Voice


“I don’t know what he’d do for working people in this country” said the lifelong Labour voter as he tried to explain his ludicrous decision to switch allegiance to the billionaire bankrolled Tories.

He might have well said “I can’t be bothered to do any research at all so I’ll just do as I’m told by the right-wing billionaire press barons”.

It’s not surprising that there are people out there who don’t know about Labour’s policies, after all, research by the London School of Economics found that just 11% of all newspaper articles about Jeremy Corbyn actually bothered to fairly represent a single one of his policies. In the fanatically right-wing Daily Mail and Express that figure fell to 0%.

In this article I’m going to explain how some of Labour’s headline policies would benefit working people. It will be obvious that many of these policies…

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