#116 Bothered – ‘When Your Brain Says No’


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I ‘ve been bothered all day today, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned from teaching English the last couple of years it is that the word ‘bothered’ can put you in all sorts of bother. And as life would have it, I have been every kind of bothered today.

Firstly, I really can’t be bothered, I have no enthusiasm or motivation to do anything. I’ve been floating around my day like a plastic bag in a light breeze. Even my subconscious doesn’t want to know, it’s like school in the summer. Nothing is happening. Normally I get nagged by my subconscious to do things like chores and to go to work at the right time. But my subconscious couldn’t be bothered either.

Naturally that put me in a spot of bother as at 2:20 I got a phone call from…

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