Broken Tory promises

Stop MP lies & corruption

From balancing the books and running a budget surplus to delivering a strong NHS, the past two years included plenty of broken pledges.

1 Promise : We will balance the books by 2017 and then run a budget surplus.

Reality : The deficit is still £50billion a year and will not even be closed by 2020.

2 Promise: We will not increase VAT, Income Tax or National Insurance Contributions.

Reality : Chancellor hiked NICs in first Budget before being shamed into a U-turn a week later.

3 Promise : We will work to end child poverty.

Reality : Child poverty is on the rise and forecast to get even worse when new welfare cuts kick in.

4 Promise : We will deliver a strong NHS.

Reality : Waiting times have soared, A&E is in meltdown and medics were forced to strike.   Have a look how bad things are in…

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