Can Psychologists and Psychics Read Minds?

Damon Ashworth Psychology

phil-coffman-161251.jpgAquestion that I often get asked when I tell people that I am a Clinical Psychologistis “Are you reading my mind, right now?

The interesting thing about the question is that it really isn’t what psychologists do.

Sure, I can pick up on other people’s emotions much more than I could before I started clinical work. I’ve also become more skilled at reading people’s body language and tone of voice and what this might mean. These skills could help me to be a better poker player, but they definitely don’t make me a psychic.

Dopeople get a psychologist and a psychic confused?


I’d like to hope not, but I’m also sure that I’ve never met another psychologist who hasclaimed to be a mind reader.

Well, maybe some of my friends and I used to during ourundergraduate studies,but we weren’t psychologists yet, and wedefinitely weren’t psychics. Justusing some silly…

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