Don’t believe the right-wing immigration lies : Another Angry Voice


We’ve all seen or heard some right-winger furiously banging on about how they couldn’t vote for Labour because they’re in favour of mass immigration, and enthusing about the Tories because they are supposedly against it haven’t we?

The problem with this partisan political narrative, like so many other right-wing political propaganda tropes, is that it’s a complete reversal of reality.

Backwards right-wing propaganda

Do you know which home secretary oversaw the highest levels of net migration in UK history?

It was Theresa May, who in 2010 promised the electorate that she would cut net migration to below 100,000, but instead allowed the biggest inwards migration surge in history, with net migration peaking at a huge 336,000 shortly before she was appointed as Prime Minister by her Tory chums.

You might be inclined to disbelieve me because you haven’t heard much about this in the media, but there…

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