Labour plants huge #NHS flag in #GE17, pledges to scrap parking charges


nhs parking.png

In a new policy announcement, the party that founded the NHS has planted its flag on the UK’s greatest achievement in a General Election battle that many feel the very survival of the NHS depends on.

Labour’s commitment to scrap NHS parking charges extends the principle of ‘free at the point of need’ to families as well as patients, by eliminating a punitive charge that places a disproportionate burden on families at a time when they’re already carrying enough with the worry for a sick loved one.

By ensuring that families will not have to consider ‘rationing’ visits because of cost, Labour’s pledge will also improve the experience of patients.

Once again, Labour has shown itself to be the only party that can be trusted to support and protect our NHS that the vast majority of people in this country love and rely on. The party’s commitment to increasing wages for…

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