Labour’s Rebel Yell

Walk The Board

So MP’s have voted in almost unbelievable unity for a general election on the 8th May. Even though it’s a giant distraction solely for political land grabbing, it’s still quite exciting.

This election is particularly problematic for the Labour party. There is widely reported disarray in the party, and Corbyn has poor ratings in the public to say the least. In just weeks to deploy their manifesto and organise their volunteers, it seems extremely difficult to imagine a turn around so massive.

Jeremy Corbyn is reportedly going to say in London that Labour won’t play by the rules if elected into government. He means this in the way that Labour won’t pander to ‘big money’ or powerful people. Despite these strong claims, time and time again the rules in politics seem to prevail over the best intentions of political parties. This was seen very clearly with Nick Clegg as deputy…

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