Letter to seniors.

Life crossroads


Hello guys! I have been busy with some stuffs, so I couldn’t post any piece this week. I will post often, once I am done with my works, to keep up with you. This post is something different of what I usually post. It’s a letter to my seniors. Hope you would like to read it too. Happy reading! 🙂

Dear seniors,

I am writing this short letter, right after I am back from theSunday’s service.Just a brief letter. I may not to able tomention all the gooddeeds, you have done to us. But I hope you read this small letter, on behalf of juniors.

Thank you note….

I don’t know where is your destination. Only like a traveller, we met on a journey. Thank you for stamping on our shyness andmaking us comfortable enough to a part of the family. With your sweats dripping, you ran like a horse…

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