Personality Assessments – The Way to Figure Out Who We Are

Damon Ashworth Psychology


There are a number of different assessments tools that Psychologists can use to help you answer the big question – “Who am I?”

I will introduce these to you now, so that you can determine if you’d like to give any of them a try:

#1 – Psychiatric Assessment

Many Psychologists will take a clinical history during the first session, which is usually the assessment phase of therapy. They may typically start off with your presenting issue, or the reason that you came to therapy. They will ask when this issue began and if you’ve experienced similar or other issues in the past. They will ask about other current psychological, emotional or physical symptoms that you may be struggling with. They will then see if you’ve had previous treatment before, how you found it (helpful or unhelpful and why), and if you are on any medication or suffering from any…

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