Plan for opposition parties.

Walk The Board

If polls are right, and who knows anymore, the Tories are going to win this general election. Even though it is pure political opportunism. Here is a short guide that I believe might help counter this ‘tide of blue’.

Stop allowing the Tories to dictate this election on their terms. They want a country that works for everyone? It’s not enough to tell the country that it’s not working, most people feel like it’s always been this way. Show them how it can be better. ‘Show don’t tell’.

Fuck Islington rallies. I’m looking at Labour here. You’re going to win your seats there. Other ‘safe’ Labour seats are being neglected. The North is not going to carry on voting for a party who only visits when the Durham Miners Gala is on. Get major Labour names out on the streets, hold speeches, door knock. A physical presence will go a…

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