Terms of Use and Universal Comment Link Philosophy

Lorelle on WordPress

Lorelle's 2 Year Anniversary!By John Pozadzides

Are you like me? Do you rant and rave against SPAMmers? Do you keep a loaded sidearm at the ready in case you encounter one? If so… please seek help, you’re taking this too far! 🙂

But I digress. You see, for the last several days my blog was being absolutely accosted by what seemed to be terrible, evil comment spammers, and the Marine in me was ready to go on the warpath. All of these comments started showing up (like 100 per day) with commercial URLs in place of the Author link, and we were deleting them left and right. (I swear the folks at BuyBlogComments.com are targeting me!)

However, nothing we could do would stem the tide and they kept flooding in (Akismet wasn’t helping out much either). Then some of the new visitors who had been commenting profusely started questioning why…

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