The worth of your life.

Life crossroads

There are times, you feel inferior when the voice inside of you says, “You are low”. The voice inside of you, keep poking and confuse your thoughts when you are facing the rock – bottom. There are times, you feel worthless. You get lost, screaming out your hopeless thoughts out.
Sometimes, do you feel your inner demons saying, ” You don’t have a reason to live anymore”.

Yes? Please! Kill this wretched thought. You are living for a purpose. If you are still breathing, I believe you have the greatest blessing. Life is a voyage of self discovery – a journey, don’t you know that? Grip the purpose in your life, there you are,all set to go.

Look around, that corner lies a bed ridden man, wishing to live his life and do good to others and leave – realizing the value of his life.

Do you look at your…

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