Two Angels and a Black Dog

I did something really thoughtless today, which would have needlessly hurt someone. As a result, I felt furious and disappointed in myself and could see no way to redress the situation without making it worse. So easily this could have resulted in a total meltdown, which would impact on Gracie, but I decided to turn to Marsha M. Linehan. I realised I was talking from emotion mind. The opposite of reasonable mind. I’m not sure what reasonable mind would be. Perhaps that I ticked off something on my to-do-list that I’d been forgetting about?

Wise mind would be a synthesis. I was thoughtless but I meant no harm. On the loving kindness side of wise mind, I can see that I speak harshly to myself when I act with much less than perfection. The horror for how I feel should not be similar as if I had killed someone…

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