Tories claim they could win 15 seats in Scotland at general election : i News


The Tories are forecast to improve their tally of seats in Scotland at the election (Photo: Getty)

The Tories could win as many as 15 seats in Scotland at next month’s general election, according to the party’s own analysis of its recent performance at the polls. Internal party data based on how Scotland voted at last week’s local government election claims that the party is poised to stage a remarkable comeback north of the border.
It says Ruth Davidson’s party is currently ahead in 15 constituencies in Scotland and may defeat the SNP in parts of the country it previously regarded as unwinnable.
However, the SNP dismissed the data as “spin” and said it suggested the Tories were taking voters for granted. The projections were calculated based on first preference votes cast at last week’s local elections, which the party believes is likely to reflect voting patterns on 8 June. The data was broken down by council ward area, with wards that lie in multiple Westminster constituencies…

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