Tories have been the biggest borrowers over the last 70 years

Stop UK lies & corruption

Tories seem to enjoy lying to the electorate.  Recently we had Theresa May claiming she debated with the electorate up and down the country on her tours.  We know this is a lie because the electorate were not permitted to ask her any questions.  We also know reporters were hand-picked and while they could ask her up to two questions they were not allowed to record the question or her answering it.  After each reporter had their two questions they were ushered out of the room.

The most recurring Tory lie is that Labour borrow more than Tories.  We can now prove that Tories have borrowed more than Labour for the past 70 years.

The next time a Tory tells you Labour borrowed more show them this.

[The first task was to secure data on borrowing by year from 1946/47 onwards: this data covers a 70 year period. Labour was…

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