Victim card -How do you save yourself?

Life crossroads

Are you being played? You have the obvious answer. Once in your journey, somewhere, someone will give you the feeling or someone is going to.

If you are reading this, I believe you will stay till the last.

Did you ever swear off relationships? You reach the point where you no longer want to get involve in relationship, you feel neutral and you think everyone is same because of your past experience.

Or did it make you feel like you are on cloud nine? Oh wait! You are blind folded and you can’t figure out the sweet and sour. You tend to see only good things in your partner until you are being cheated.

You say”Even if the world is against us,I won’t care”, why? The world sees what you can’t see, being a glutton for punishment is always sour, you know it.

How you save yourself from being torn…

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