What I learn Today – May 09, 2017 – Part 2

Colors of my life

I really don’t want to miss this opportunity, to share something very interesting simple yet effective approach, which we all find it hard to start and make a routine out of it.

This difficult task is called “Exercise”, I was a regular gym guy, have been into sports since Class 1, now I am 39 years old. And for the past 3 years, I haven’t done anything substantial at all. My weight has gone sky rocketed. Since if you are a regular person in any exercise or physical routine, once you leave, your body tend to expand.

I was just talking with one regular blogger by the name of Daily Rambling, whose perseverance, commitment and strong will is reflected from this little chat we had. I hope you will enjoy this learning session with me. Please do pass your comments, as to how you like it, I love the…

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