Now is your Chance to end Three Decades of Pure Greed : Morning Star


Corbyn launches election campaign to transform Britain: No more tax cheats, no more rip-off bosses

JEREMY CORBYN launched a blistering attack on “tax cheats, rip-off bosses and greedy bankers” yesterday as he officially launched Labour’s general election campaign.

The Labour leader pledged radical reforms to repair the damage done by the Tories and their profit-hungry privateer pals to Britain’s health, education and social care services.

He told a crowd of supporters in Manchester: “When Labour wins there will be a reckoning for those who thought they could get away with asset-stripping our industry, crashing our economy through their greed and ripping off workers and consumers.”

And he said Labour’s plans meant “ruin” for the Tory Party.

“We have four weeks. Four weeks to take our message to voters to convince them Britain can be better. It can be transformed. It doesn’t have to be like this.

“We can transform Britain…

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