#PersonifyME: Danica Pantic


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O utwardly, I am a strong individual. I’ve been told often how people admire me for my emotional fortitude. I guess this makes sense, since much of my emotional upbringing has focused on self-reliance. I grew up under some difficult circumstances (Serbia in the 90’s), and the institutionalized depression around me taught me to suppress my sadnesses to the well deep inside me and look elsewhere. Everyone was depressed, and this is what they did.

Most (adult) people spilled their inner well into a big bottle of beer. Smoked it away with a pack of cigarettes a day, and who knows what else that I was too young to pick up on. I, on the other hand, let the well fill up until it started spilling all over the place. I guess I’ve carried a flood with me into adulthood. Because…

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