The Tory plot to bring back fox hunting is a remarkable display of misplaced priorities : Another Angry Voice


Just when you think the Tories couldn’t get more out of touch with the problems facing the country than they already are, it’s revealed that they’re making the return of fox hunting one of their big priorities for after the general election.

During the last seven years the Tories have overseen the longest sustained decline in the value of workers wages since records began. This wage slump is so severe that only workers in crisis-stricken Greece have seen the value of their labour eroded as rapidly as us Brits.

That’s not all. The Tories also oversaw the lowest levels of house building since the 1920s as the Tory Home Secretary (now Prime Minister) Theresa May simultaneously increased net immigration into the UK to the highest levels ever recorded.

So what happens when the government oversees an unprecedented slump in the value of workers’ wages, a reduction in…

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