#118 Productivity – ‘Greatest Comeback Of All Time!’


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R ed Rum was 30 lengths behind, Lasse Viren was on the floor in his debut Olympic 10,000m final, Charlton were 5-1 behind with 28 minutes to go, Oracle Team USA were 8-1 down in a first to 9 race, and Durham Colliers Boys were 1-0 at half time in the 4th round of the Amateur Boys North East Conference Cup in 2001. There have been some amazing sporting comebacks in human history, and amazingly all of those examples overcame adversity to win – apart from Durham Collier Boys who were beaten 2-1 in a drab, scrappy game. Losers.

As much as I love watching a good sporting comeback, I’ve never really been involved in one. I did used to bet on raindrops going horizontally across the car window when I was kid, there were a few comebacks then, but the…

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