Labour ‘extremely cautious’ about Trident and would only deploy troops as last resort, leaked manifesto draft states : The Telegraph


Jeremy Corbyn and a CND banner

Labour is “extremely cautious” about using the UK’s nuclear deterrent and would only send the army to war as a last resort, according to a leaked copy of the party’s draft manifesto seen by The Telegraph.

Jeremy Corbyn, who has long been opposed to the nuclear weapons system Trident, committed to getting rid of the missiles altogether in the long term, stating in the draft version Labour will lead on plans to “create a nuclear free world.”

Setting out the party’s defence policy which will be agreed by party officials tomorrow, Mr Corbyn said: “Labour supports the renewal of the Trident submarine system.

“But any prime minister should be extremely cautious about ordering the use of weapons of mass destruction which would result in the indiscriminate killing of millions of innocent civilians.

“As a nuclear armed power, our country has a responsibility to fulfil our international obligations under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation…

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