#119 Anticipation – ‘Anxiety Is Not Always A Bad Thing’ 


I do enjoy the post anxious phase, and to be clear here, I’m talking about Hollywood anxiety. The kind you get before a presentation or before a big game. The kind which is neither debilitating nor stigmatised, in fact the main character will just sweat a little, grimace, maybe clench a fist… then give the best performance of anything ever, every time.

Exactly like reality.

As I’ve got older*, I realise anticipation and Hollywood anxiety are just par for the course when approaching new situations. It could be that I’m doing my first ever presentation, asking a girl out for the first time, or my personal worst ‘first’: using an ATM machine. Once you’ve done these things a few times the anxiety reduces and the build up before the event in future dissipates. You ultimately just get better at whatever it is. I even adore the feeling after such an…

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