A nasty little rash

Mind the care training

I almost didn’t make this video. In truth, I almost didn’t make any video at all today – or tomorrow – or the next day – or however long it might take to get rid of my latest ‘problem’. My first thought about going before the camera at all, let alone uploading the fruits of my labour on to Youtube was acute embarrassment. You see I’ve developed a rather nasty little rash, courtesy of an interesting brand of fabric conditioner that doesn’t seem to agree with me.

Yes, it’s fine – I’ve been to the pharmacy, collected a nice little box of antihistamine tablets and some soothing gel for my burning skin. I’m not going to die from this and it’s likely to be cleared up in a week or two. But that’s not the point.

Ironically I uploaded a video recently about care plans and how we tend to…

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