Another astounding display of pro-Tory bias from the BBC : Another Angry Voice


You don’t have to be an expert on politics to understand that BBC Question Time has become incredibly right-wing biased over the last decade or so.

Anyone who has watched the show in recent years will have noticed the way that the host David Dimbleby repeatedly hectors and interrupts Labour Party politicians and socially progressive panellists, whilst taking a much more lenient approach to right-wing politicians and commentators.

On Thursday May 11th the BBC upped the right-wing bias even further by planting an actual serving Tory Party councillor called Eric Holford in the audience, inviting him to ask the very first question of the show (in which he slagged off the Labour Party) and even letting him to make several comebacks against the panellists and legitimate members of the audience.

If the Tory councillor had used a fake name to cheat his way onto the show it might be understandable…

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