As foodbank use skyrockets, one activist has a message for Theresa May and the Tories : Evolve Politics


Gill Watson, former chef and food activist, recently published a blog post which rapidly went viral. Her efforts to help a starving young man make for powerful and upsetting reading. They’re an indictment of some aspects of the current foodbank system and the austerity policies that have seen foodbank use skyrocket. Gill’s website is here.

I spoke to Gill to find out more about her work. A frank, engaging person, Gill’s work has done enormous good, possibly more than some of the official bodies supposed to be tackling the problem. Her work and the experiences of those she tries to help are an upfront, unvarnished account of life at the bottom.

Welcome to Foodbank Britain.

We discussed the official statistics on foodbank use, statistics that, she says, only take into account the business done by the Trussell Trust. They don’t include figures from local and independent foodbanks. According to…

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