Greens have stepped aside in several seats. Why hand Wirral West to Tories?


It was announced today that the Green party are standing aside in a number of marginal seats in favour of Labour candidates, for example the excellent Chris Williamson in Derby North, in order to maximise the chance of toppling Tory MPs and preventing another disastrous Tory government. This is laudable and shows a concern for the best for the country.

However, the local Greens on Merseyside are crowdfunding to raise money to stand in the Wirral West constituency – a seat in which another excellent Labour MP, Margaret Greenwood, defeated the odious Tory incumbent Esther McVey by a mere 412 votes in 2015.

wirral greens.pngThis almost certainly hands the seat to the Tories, as even a tiny share of the constituency’s left-leaning vote switching to the Greens is highly likely to be enough to allow the Tories to slip into first place..

The SKWAWKBOX understands that the local prospective Green candidate for…

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