Objective of the day – May 11, 2017

Colors of my life

The most quixotic days are happening at my end. Where I don’t know the start and end of the things. I start with one thing, in the middle something else comes up, I have to drop it and restart than something else comes up.

In times like such where a lot of chaos is seen at ones end, the best is to make the things to do, which is urgent and very important, and take it like this.

Haven’t able to write about my objectives lately, for that I am sorry, so catching up myself. My today, objectives of the day are:

  • Morning
  1. Finish and submit the Board Report.
  2. Finish the posting for interfund.
  3. Try to run the interface before I leave office.
  • Afternoon
  1. Upload the DIY project post. 😎
  2. Break my fasting for today.
  3. Play with my daughter and enjoy time
  4. Watch the test match between Pakistan vs West…

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