Official blind eye leaves sadomasochistic clergyman free to reoffend abroad : Morning Star


The Church of England has hushed up more than its fair share of abusers but few as hypocritical as John Smyth QC, writes PETER FROST

John Smyth QC was the subject of a recent Channel 4 documentary. The Morning Star and most of the rest of the media reported that Smyth, a barrister, part time judge and evangelical Christian leader had been accused of serious sadomasochistic physical abuse of public school boys.

The allegations were that he committed serious physical beatings on boys at a Christian holiday camp and in a garden shed in his home in Winchester. Both Smyth and the boys were naked during the beatings which Smyth claimed would make them better Christians.

The savage beatings — some over a hundred strokes — were administered with a cane and often left the boys with bleeding wounds that required them to wear a nappy until they healed.


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