One in three tenants borrow money to pay rent, says Shelter : The Guardian


Low earners have turned to credit cards, overdrafts or family and friends to keep the roof over their head in the past year.

More than half a million low earners have had to resort to borrowing money via credit cards, overdrafts and other sources to pay their rent during the past year, according to new figures.

The data was published by housing charity Shelter, which said many private renters were having to take on “desperate or dangerous debts” to keep a roof over their head.

It has called on the next government to commit to building 500,000 new “living rent” homes, where the amount paid each month is capped at around a third of a lower-earning household’s income.

The survey by Shelter and YouGov, carried out in April, found that of the almost 1.6 million private tenants falling into the low-earner category, one in three – around 511,000 –…

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