Secret Tags in Free Verse…

© The Secret Poetess

Acceptance of art, assertiveness in beauty…even betrayal leads to blame near this blazing hearth.

How can a blind brat be brave, living in this broken bubble like a greenhouse carrot?

Chains don’t change, like a child at Christmas…clever compassion!

Always coping & carrying.

Cursed was the darkness, dawn was gone for days. Delusions & despair wrapped in destiny or dream.

Driven to drowning in faith & fantasy…with a father full of fear, searing fears in flames.

Flying free in a friendship of the future…glass houses of grandeur, hiding this happy heart.

A history of hope with a hopeless romantic.

The in-between injustice belies the joy of a ‘kalopsia’.

Have you not realized the lie in this life? Listen: Love is nature and night.

Pain is a paradox. Parents are the past. Patience is peace.

People tend towards perseverance. We lean to prophecy and questions.

Like a rebel rising over rubbish…

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