The social care recovery model

Mind the care training

I’m a great believer in process. That doesn’t mean pigeon-holing the people we work with. It means having a process, a system that’s clear enough to keep us on track and flexible enough to allow truly collaborative and individualised working. That’s why I developed 2016-the-social-care-recovery-model-final. Designed around existing keyworking processes this model allows mental health care providers, housing association support workers and residential care workers to pinpoint exactly what their service-user needs and plan with them to meet their needs in a straightforward but effective way.

The Social care recovery model is simple to understand. It involves 9 domains that come together to create a cohesive system of care provision based upon skills development and recovery in an efficient and enabling environment.

The first 6 domains (the support domains) focus upon direct work with service users. They are developed through regular keyworking sessions and tools are provided to help…

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