Is Your Digital Dossier Killing Your Career Prospects?

Veristat's Talent & Culture Blog

By Robin Brodrick


Are you tired of looking for the right job? Then why not let the right job find you? All you need to do is give your digital dossier a makeover!

What is a digital dossier?

Everything you post online merges together to form your digital dossier (also called a digital footprint). If you’re posting videos of baby animals doing adorable things, then you will create an insanely cute digital footprint. If you’re posting unique and accurate insights about your industry then you will create a valuable digital dossie. If you’re posting rants or inappropriate photos then you will create an undesirable digital footprint. And so on and so forth.

Why you should care about your digital footprint

Recruiters are flocking to social media to find top talent. They use it to search for and to contact candidates, to keep tabs on applicants, as part of the pre and post interview…

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