The Top 20 Biotech & Pharma Influencers on Twitter

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Scientists. Doctors. Academics. Investors. Analysts. Patient advocates. There are a wide variety of social thought leaders in the biotech and pharma Twitterscape (you know, it’s like ‘landscape’, but for Twitter).

There are plenty of articles addressing the regulatory and compliance concerns that are preventing the industry from embracing social media, but very few that talk about bringing the community together to engage in meaningful social conversations. Can you imagine how much activity there could be if more than 10 of the top 50 pharmaceutical companies in the world used all 3 of the top social media channels?

This post is intended to provide you with a list (in no particular order) of the top 20 industry influencers on Twitter as of 26 May 2016 so that you will know who to follow. But it is also a dare to engage with these influencers to get real-time industry news and information and…

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