The Work-Life Balance Conundrum: For Candidates & Recruiters

Veristat's Talent & Culture Blog

By Robin Brodrick


The term “work-life balance” is thrown around with reckless abandon in today’s business world. A remarkable number of businesses purport that their company culture places importance on work-life balance, and it’s also one of the categories measured in the Best Places to Work survey.

Why is this important?

Veristat-Work-Life-Balance-CRO-QuestionBecause people can’t agree on the definition of work-life balance, but nearly 70% of job seekers report that work-life balance is the most important factor in their search for a new job (according to a recent poll conducted by I polled my network on LinkedIn and asked people to describe what work-life balance means to them. In return, I received 57 very different definitions of work-life balance. I include some of them later in this post, for your perusal.

Solving the Work-Life Balance Conundrum is Easy!

For Recruiters:

Stop telling candidates that your company offers work-life balance! Instead, get specific…

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