Hi I’m perfectlyfadeddelusions.

I have mental health problems, mostly inherited by my nan, but also due to experiences of sexual abuse and rape.

I am currently unemployed due to a physical mental breakdown I had in 2009, I only started walking again 2 years ago.

I started this blog to complain about the government and how people with mental health problems are treated with stigma. Taking in many different perspectives of these subjects, as well as other interesting things people write about and reblogging interesting blogs.

I have changed this blog recently, because I am going to be putting videos and sources from the YouTube videos I am going to make, which are things I cannot cover on The Mental Health Resource Hub. But the posts I deleted will be put onto another Blog called Perfectlyfaded.

I was a second wave feminist until it became a victim complex, activist for better mental health care, especially for those with long term problems, and why I am changing this blog.

I will one day workout how to use tags and sort out my blog posts, I am still very new to this so please bear with me.

I try my best to be a good and helpful blogger.

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