Mr Buffy Devane

Simply put, a leisurely Sunday afternoon A-Z snapshot of some of my traits, desires, and preoccupations: 

Anxietyis my first.
Black Dog -- that's my second.
Compassionis one of my top 3 words. 
Death.I've feared it & desired it... often at the same time.Empathy. More for everybody, say I!Friendship: it sustains me. I couldn't live without it. Generosity of spirit: I hope I've got plenty.I still want more of it.Hate. I do, sometimes; some people. Not sure if it's good or bad.Interesting. My quest is to be so... because if I'm dull, I'm dead.Joy. I look for it every single day. Mostly I find a fair-sized slice of it.Kinship. I feel so happy when I find it -- and I often do so in the unlikeliest places.Loving.Love is what…

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Mr Buffy Devane

Monday again? Wow. The days can be long but the weeks are short...
This non-haiku is inspired [such as it is] by a dream:


Soaking in soft psychological suds?
Get out of that warm bath; 
It's time to get hikin'. 

Get out of my head! 
Don't be singing, full-throated,
The Ballad of Chevy-Chase. Lord Northumberland Or Lord Douglas; Which old antagoniser am I? A bitterly grey afternoon Searching for singular bits of my mind On the cool, rolling Cheviot Hills. Mad Scots and Englishmen? They'll fight 'til the day's done. The tribes are familiar to me: Spoiling for a scrap They reflect my inner-combat, And the impossibility of peace. I know full well I'm not alone. And yet? I am... oh God, I am. Battered by storms and doubts I charge for the cottage; The neutrality zone. Safely inside, I deliriously bolt the door And…

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Mr Buffy Devane

Today is not a good day. By any stretch of the imagination. 
I can only hope for [A] improvement, or [B] a miracle.
Just a nice, little miracle. I'm not fussy. 

In the meantime, it's time for more coffee.
Insomnia is no fun -- and it doesn't take a college professor to tell anyone that. If affects everything.
This was composed in the early, sleepless hours...


Choice phrases such as: 
"Did you lock all of the doors?" 
Pulse thru my soft mind. 

Quickly, savagely
O.C.D. regains my brain; 
Lost territory. 

Been away too long? 
A lifetime's not long enough. 
Please just let me rest. 

How do you cry "help"
When your overheated mind 
Is the enemy?

I'm like a frail bloke 
Facing an enemy tank; 
Helpless, hopeless, scared.

So now I hope for? 
Rest, reassurance, and sleep. 
Holy trinity.

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Mr Buffy Devane

Continuing today's theme of Buffy's laugh-a-minute, "tremendous fun Tuesday" [with my apologies for the mild sarcasm]...


Out of coherence:
Blurred image in the mirror
Staring back at me.

How to move forward?
Holding my soul together
With mere safety pins. 

So: All will be well...?
Sometimes it feels not enough
To know this is true.

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Motivational Monday #19

Create your life


Living life is about daring to do things, to find the courage to pursue what you dream of.

Life’s true purpose is to be happy, so what makes you happy? Is there something you can do to change things as they are now, to become even just a little bit happier?

Every now and then we have to take a leap of faith, hoping to reach a destination we’re longing for, in the safe threads of a strong net. Isn’t it interesting, though, how a net always seems to appear somehow when someone does take the risk of jumping? And have you ever wondered why?

Because the universe rewards the courageous and the curious – the ones who truly believe in their beautiful dreams, and the ones who believe in miracles. The universe is full of those mysterious little miracles, that just happen to take us where we need to…

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How to go from ZERO to HERO

Create your life


If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know how I speak of the importance of your attitude towards life and getting the things you want out of it. Your attitude is the key to a good, happy life, and your attitude is what will get you things –  because it’s all about the vibrations within you, and the frequency that you’re on, that the universe reacts to. If you feel good, you’ll get more of the good. If you feel bad, unfortunately, you will get more of the bad.

This can be a little discouraging for us, when thinking about it. Because we can’t always be happy – it’s just not possible, and I also believe it’s actually not healthy – and we can’t always feel awesome and motivated and engaged. Naturally.

When we get to a constant state of low emotions, though, this will affect our…

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Motivational Monday #20

Create your life


Like I always say, everything depends on your frame of mind. With a positive outlook, you’ll see positive results. With a negative outlook, well… You might not see any results at all.

If you believe, things will happen for you, because the universe will give you hints and clues on where to go, what to do, and who to meet, in order for you to get to a place you want to, or need to, go. You’ll be given numerous opportunities, until you see them and act upon them.

So keep a light mind. And keep a light inyour mind. Believe that all good things will come to you, and it is already so.

Have a great week!

Endless love,


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Wisdom Wednesday #16

Create your life


Be free and strong, like the lion. Go your own way, follow your heart to wherever it leads you. Trust that everything happens for the best of you and your growth. Believe in yourself, and others will too. Don’t be afraid to be different – it’s the uniqueness of each and every one of us that makes us and the world so beautiful.

Let a roar start within you and spread across the universe. Let it know that you are awake and ready for greatness.

Endless love,


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UKIP blame NHS crisis on too many women doctors!

Pride's Purge

According to UKIP, the crisis in the NHS is not due to 7 years of Tory cuts – but by too many women being employed as doctors!

A UKIP leaflet explains their bizarre reasoning:

Of course, those of us who are not as bonkers as UKIP know the real reason the NHS is in crisis is because of a drastic lack of funding, caused by 7 years of Tory rule:

There are still people vote for these nuts?

Read the full story here.

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