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Is 1984 is Coming? Thoughts about the World and my personal life.

I’ve always believed that the Globalists are in control of our lives, and we are all being used as pawns, and in the end we are all going to die.

I don’t know if this is my depression, whether I am dumb, watched and read too many Utopian movie and book, or I just think the worse of everything, which would actually lead back to the depression wouldn’t it?

I just feel like we are heading ever closer.

All I know is I am frightened about this; I am frightened about mum and dad getting hurt or dying about the Globalists. It keeps me up at night, it makes me want to cut, it makes me want to question everything even my own thoughts and feelings.

Political Correctness

Political Correctness scares the fuck out of me, and if it keeps going the way it is, we are not going to be allowed to think, like what we want, do what we want, or feel the feelings we want to.

It’s just going to be silence, nobody saying anything to anyone because of fears of upsetting people, or because the government have banned words and thoughts.

So where does that leave people?

What will happen to people with mental health problems?

What is going to happen to the people who commit though, word crimes?

This is what goes through my head every day, and nobody seems to want to answer, nor acknowledge that this might actually happen sooner than we think.


With Political Correctness goes Communism, and we all know that leaders would love that to happen.

The UN certainly wouldn’t mind, and I’m sure by now all you guys are thinking I am some religious nut, or Alt Righter who is scared of the white genocide.

I don’t believe that, but I do believe the rich are trying to get rid of the poor, and communism is another useful tool for them, since you will probably starve to death. On the other hand, be sent to a rehabilitation camp where you must learn the rules and work until you die. North Korea already has this, the gulags was in Russia, and have people fighting for food, Social Justice Warriors doing fuck all and still getting paid as if they are.

Does that sound good?

Meanwhile everyone is dying, nobody is getting richer only poorer, and the rich are laughing away, while the social justice warriors use their powers to climb to the top.

Does that sound fair?

I am getting so fed up with the left, they’ve got my friend and my friend is starting to tell me what to watch, read, say, and do.

Last night while on the phone and being screamed at for the thousandth time because of watching something that they have deemed Alt Right, screaming about I have betrayed them. I cut myself while this was happening, and it fucking hurt, but it was nice to feel that as I heard the screams on the phone. I cut myself where I had my skin graft taken, that way when it starts healing it won’t be so noticeable.

It’s really stupid of me to do, I haven’t cut in ages, and I’m about to get discharged from the Brief Intervention Team. I am so disappointed in myself by letting somebody get to me to the point I went and cut myself. I should have used the box breathing technique to calm down, and been more assertive with them. However, I am not very good at that, but mostly because it reminded me of being bullied at school, at being home and having Stephen screaming at mum and dad while I hid in my room, my Step Brother blaming me for what he was doing to me.

I cannot like anything on YouTube, reblog anything that might be perceived as Alt Right, or I am picking on a group of people because of the titles Crazy Feminists or Social Justice Warriors. I have to put everything in a private folder so they cannot see it, and make sure not to accidently like a video or anything.

And this is exhausting, I can understand that my friend works two jobs and hates Trump, but the way they are telling me that Mainstream Media should be trusted, and reblogging blogs is not helpful.

How I am not helping people by liking this stuff, how I should be going through all the information I get, even though I do. How my friend has explained repeatedly and I am drifting away from them. How they think I am only drawn to these people because I am attracted to abusers, because I am a very gullible person.

I don’t know what to do anymore, all I do is keep waiting for my friend to tweet at me how a content creator or blogger is Alt Right and I need to avoid them.

I’m exhausted.


Senate Quietly Passes The “Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act” – Anonymous

(ZHE) While we wait to see if and when the Senate will pass (and president will sign) Bill  “H.R. 6393, Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017″, which was passed by the House at the end of November with an overwhelming majority and which seeks to crack down on websites suspected of conducting Russian propaganda […]

Source: Senate Quietly Passes The “Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act” – Anonymous

On Twitter, Conspiracy Theories, and Information Cascades

Feminist Frequency

On February 9th, Twitter announced the formation of a council made up of over 40 organizations, of which Feminist Frequency is one. These organizations are not involved in micromanaging Twitter on a daily basis or making decisions with regards to action taken against accounts or tweets, but rather, have been assembled to consult with Twitter generally about how to best navigate the challenges of allowing freedom of expression while also fighting abuse. In the days since the announcement, a wild conspiracy has formed that presents me as an Orwellian villain with the power to control what others can and can’t say on Twitter, despite the fact that, again, Feminist Frequency is just one of more than 40 organizations on a council that also includes groups like GLAAD and the National Network to End Domestic Violence.

Blog posts have been written, video rants have been filmed, and hundreds of tweets have been…

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Major update to Crash Override!


I knew Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn were going to do this, this is so fucking obvious that a four year old could have called it. But this is dangerous, very dangerous.

This is why I am going to be investigating as hard as I can, how far up these people go. Because we need to know how to defeat these people, otherwise we are going to be slaves, and the book 1984 is going to be reality.

The excerpt underneath is not good.

TELL YOU SOME OF THE STUFF I’VE BEEN DOING FOR THE LAST FEW MONTHS 😀 This isn’t all of it by any means, but it’s something pretty cool!Crash Override is proud to announce sponsorship from Feminist Frequency. By accepting tax-deductible donations through this partnership, Crash Override will be able to greatly expand operations and assist more people, all for free. Together, Feminist Frequency and Crash Override will work to make a safer internet for everyone. We’ve been going through some major internal changes are we grow, and funding will go a long way to help us provide better training, security, tools, and programs both internally and externally. We’ve also developed a new tool we call COACH – Crash Override’s Automated Cybersecurity Helper. Co-founder Zoe Quinn used the same tools she uses to make games to make an interactive, easy-to-follow security checklist that allows anyone to secure their accounts, remove personal information, and protect their privacy at their own pace. While we love having in-depth and comprehensive guides, they don’t work for everyone. After looking at success rates from manually walking someone through locking their accounts down, versus just giving them a guide, it became clear that we could help a lot more people if we were able to take them through step by step. Since we can’t be everywhere at once, why not make a program to help others do some basic digital self-defense at their own pace? We’re hoping that COACH can use the strength of interactivity to fill in the gaps and assist more people.Plus, cute robot mascot:Check it out!The partnership and COACH aren’t the only new things. We’ve overhauled our website to better reflect who we are as an organization. New logos, new aesthetics, new everything. Functionality is a lot better now too – not only are there some cool new accessibility features, but everything is cleaner and easier to find now. Since launching in January 2015, we’ve assisted over 1,000 people with our casework and countless more with the guides in our public resource center. Crash Override has  advocated for our clients to tech giants like Twitter and Google, and in the public eye at Congress and the United Nations. In the next year, we will continue to seek out and build relationships with more tech platforms, advocacy organizations and activists, policy makers, and influential voices. Lots more to come soon!

Source: Major update to Crash Override!