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Compassion, What’s it Worth?

Peace Not Pas

In the Oxford English dictionary, the word compassion is defined as ‘sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others’. The Middle English word is thought to have originated from Anglo-French and in turn from the Late Latin word compassio, meaning to sympathize, to bear, suffer. In numerous philosophies and almost all of the major religions, compassion is ranked as one of the greatest virtues.

The ability to be able to identify with another individual is a key component of what makes us human. Mirrored behaviours start in early infancy, with the mimicking of facial expressions and body movements of parents and carers. Such behaviours are highly related to the concept of compassion.

However the idea that a parent can alienate their own children against the other parent is difficult to understand and comprehend. To engage in such behaviours requires a complete lack of compassion on the part of…

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Recap: Ex wife denies cutting out intestines of ex husband

Dalya Saeed denies trying to murder Bilal Miah

Women are more likely to be let off with murder than men, and feminism has kept this up and want more. Yet a man would be banged up for life doing this to a woman.



Yet we live in a world where women are more privileged than men, I as a woman could get away with this shit, all I would have to do if I was a sadistic horrible person is lie, use my past, and claim he was abusing.

And it’s easy to do this when you have a male judge, put on the tears, pretended you are oppressed and men are putty in your hands. Yet feminists who want the legal system to be even more lenient on women, and deny they use sympathy to get their own way.

I am not a Men’s Right Activist, nor feminist, I would say I am more egalitarian, a little feminist, and care about all people.

Source: Recap: Ex wife denies cutting out intestines of ex husband