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This Is Why The Girl That’s Always Smiling Feels Miserable Inside

The girls with the widest smiles have the deepest cracks in their hearts.

This article speaks to me, because I am always being strong and caring for others before myself. Though I think in my case it is a family trait, my mum looked after me, my nan, and my dad who who had 2 nervous breakdowns. My nan looked after my cousin, whose mum (my mum’s sister) was a bitch, still is really.

Meanwhile I just protect everyone close to me, from my parents, to my friends. I know this makes my mental health worse, but I would rather everyone else was okay.

I’ve been like it my whole life, I don’t know whether that could ever change for me, I like caring for people, because my problems are not really that important. Though my emotional Wellbeing Group is meant to be trying to get me in touch with my feelings. Showing you each module we do in the 12 weeks of the group, and show you worksheets and information.

I hope to do it, so I can help others and give them more information and examples to treatments.

Let’s see how that goes.

Maybe I’ll write a blog post about when I feel a lot better, and my computer doesn’t want to die with each word I type.

It’ll probably be on the Mental Health Resource Hub and here too.

Source: This Is Why The Girl That’s Always Smiling Feels Miserable Inside

Counter lies with emotions, not facts.

So basically make more lies about everythnig, make everything about identity politics, and guilt people into become riled up about things that are being blown up to cause harm to people.

Indoctrinating people, making them into mindless screeching zombies, and causing civil unrest.

I am so fed up with fake news.

Source: Counter lies with emotions, not facts.