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The power of words | Felipe Contreras

Quite often in a discussion I’ve heard the phrase “semantics”, as if the meaning of words didn’t really matter in a discussion. Words are the building blocks of complex ideas, and if we don’t have …

Source: The power of words | Felipe Contreras

Other People Aren’t Responsible For Your Mental Health: Why ’13 Reasons Why’ Is Pretty Much Bullshit | Thought Catalog

Other people can’t save you, and you shouldn’t want them to.

This Netflicks show sounds like it is taking mental health advice from Tumbler, where they romanticize and lie about having having mental health problems constantly.

I hate that we have programmes and films pandering to them, we need more programmes and films telling the truth, and empowering people to want to get better for themself.

Great article.

Source: Other People Aren’t Responsible For Your Mental Health: Why ’13 Reasons Why’ Is Pretty Much Bullshit | Thought Catalog

As scientists prepare to march, Science for the People or Social Justice Warriors spreading their cancer reboots | Science | AAAS

1970s activist group hopes current crisis will be fertile soil

So basically Social Justice and Feminism has the hijacking of science to put in their bag of tumours that that are cancerous. Science is going to be put backwards, all because of Social Justice, so don’t hold out when you have cancer or any other diseases to actually get a treatment, because they will all be under a quota system. They will also only be applied to the most oppressed people, so men, don’t count on them finding a cure for your cancer, or any other diseases that affect men more, or white people.

I would also not hold my breathe on new medications being made by feminists, so people with mental health problems, if you’re a man or white, or CIS Gendered don’t count on it.

Plus Steve Shives and his band of idiots are supporting and even going to the march, so you know this is a serious thing. My point is, social justice is not going to save lives, people are going to die, even more than there is now, all for fucking equality.

Source: As scientists prepare to march, Science for the People reboots | Science | AAAS

'Pussy Hats' Oppress Transgender People Now | The Daily Caller

‘Transgender women certainly should not be left out of any definition of womanhood’

This does not surprise me anymore, since the oppression Olympics is getting smaller and smaller now, they are bound to now eat each other to the point that there is nothing left.

This is why intersectional fourth wave feminism and social justice are cancer, they have to out do themselves. It’s sad, I know girls and grown women at work places and school, who would have the hardest life in the world. This just sound like that, a bunch of girls who think they are the most special and have the hardest life in the world and play on that.

This is high school Girls 101.

Source: ‘Pussy Hats’ Oppress Transgender People Now | The Daily Caller

Why I No Longer Identify as a Feminist – Areo Magazine

| by Helen Pluckrose | I don’t remember ever not being a feminist. I toddled in marches of the 1970s with my mother. She became a second wave feminist in the 1960s after being denied a mortga…

Source: Why I No Longer Identify as a Feminist – Areo Magazine

The Suffering of The Lost Boys | Illimitable Men

“When a father gives to his son, both laugh; when a son gives to his father, both cry.” – William Shakespeare Contents: 1.) Introduction 2.) Father Hunger 3.) Pain of The Lost Boy…

Source: The Suffering of The Lost Boys | Illimitable Men

App State requests gender-inclusivity disclaimer on papers

Appalachian State is advising students to add disclaimers to academic papers indicating that they are using gender-neutral pronouns “to be inclusive.”

If students choose to use “they” in place of “he or she” on an assignment, they are encouraged to add a disclaimer at the top stating that “This paper uses ‘they’ as a singular third-person pronoun to be inclusive of all genders.”

Source: App State requests gender-inclusivity disclaimer on papers

Loyola hosts 'Feminist Festival' with 'groovy bra-burners'

Loyola University-New Orleans is hoting an 11-day “Feminist Festival” featuring “groovy bra-burners” and a lecture on quilting as a “healing” method.

Events include a talk on “anti-feminism” in pop-culture, a dance performance featuring “groovy bra-burners,” and a talk on how making quilts is a “mechanism of healing and survival.”

The “Feminist Festival,” which began last week and runs through Saturday, features 17 unique events hosted by the Loyola Women’s Resource Center, including talks by professors, film screenings, and interactive feminist workshops.

Source: Loyola hosts ‘Feminist Festival’ with ‘groovy bra-burners’

UC Davis language guide claims only white people are racist

A glossary of social justice terms published by UC-Davis plainly asserts that only white people are capable of racism.

A related list of “Words That Hurt” discourages even self-deprecating references to being “fat,” explaining that they “demean and devalue fatness/fat bodies” and imply that “there is an acceptable amount of food to eat.”

Source: UC Davis language guide claims only white people are racist

Question About Harassment Online Of Rape Survivors By The Left

I’ve asked many prominent feminists this on Twitter, and either they avoid answering by talking in circles, or block me.

So I decided to do this poll instead, and how this will work out. Because I am fed up with the double standards of Feminists, social justice warriors, and social media companies. Who would rather block and silence me, than deal with the people say this horrible shit.

As a survivor of rape and sexual abuse, I feel feminists and social justice warriors are very eager to invalidate your experiences if you are not one of them and wholeheartedly agree with everything, and I have seen this happen to other people too.

Please take the time to take the poll, and feel free to leave a comment. I may not be able to reply, due to my computer not liking WordPress much.

Thank you.