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Feminism as Mitigation?

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I can understand this, because I see a lot of girls on Tumblr doing this, and using mental health as an excuse for the bad things they say.

I’ve also seen this on Twitter, to others. I asked a question to a 3rd wave feminist about computer games, she didn’t answer my question, but called me a troll, and that I was a man harassing her. Then 3 other’s came, and said they were doing this, as I am a man, and they standing for feminism, and as feminists and women they were allowed to punch up.

So it doesn’t matter who you are, if you disagree or ask a question, you are a man. And as feminists, they are allowed to harass you, because they are the oppressed.

And this is why people think feminism is toxic, especially third wave social justice warriors.

Source: Feminism as Mitigation?