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Why I No Longer Identify as a Feminist – Areo Magazine

| by Helen Pluckrose | I don’t remember ever not being a feminist. I toddled in marches of the 1970s with my mother. She became a second wave feminist in the 1960s after being denied a mortga…

Source: Why I No Longer Identify as a Feminist – Areo Magazine

Study suggests college students protest to assuage ‘guilt’

A new study contends that moral outrage towards injustice is actually a way of reducing guilt over one’s own moral failings.

The authors note that such moral outrage is particularly common on college campuses, where it plays a role in fueling student activism by arousing “interest and motivation.”

They also warn, however, that while moral outrage can be expressed in positive ways through peaceful protest, it can also “push people toward actions like vandalism or violence.”

Source: Study suggests college students protest to assuage ‘guilt’

Gaming is not as addictive • The Register

The first large-scale research attempting to measure the extent of internet gaming addiction has found … not very much. An Oxford University study suggests that playing online games is not as addictive as gambling.

I know this is an old story, but I found it interesting. And since feminists and social justice warriors are always complaining about computer games, I thought I would add it to my blog.

Plus it under mental health, so that’s another reason why I thought I would add it too.

Source: Gaming is not as addictive • The Register

THE LAST DITCH: The dangers of virtue signalling on the internet

Champagne Socialists who think they are down with the poor, virtue signal, yet have no fucking idea of reality.

I’m glad they get called out, I wish more people would call these celebrities, reporters, and champagne socialists.

And worse are the Sociopathic Juvenile Whiners, Feminists, and college who think they are the ruling class.

Source: THE LAST DITCH: The dangers of virtue signalling on the internet

The Feminist Rape Delusion — Miss Misanthropist

Great blog post.

There is a lot of problems with how rape is tossed around so easily these days, and really it’s usually only used improperly by feminists. I have never seen such a serious crime trivialized so much to fit some kind of fear mongering agenda to further a pointless cause. Switch rape, stare rape, fart rape, the male gaze, catcalling, all things that are akin to the physical act of rape in the mind of a feminist. I’m unsure if this is an actual delusion they have (as in they really do think these things are exactly like rape) or it’s an alarmist tactic to scare weak and stupider women into becoming feminists to avoid being raped (as they think only feminism can save them).

Source: The Feminist Rape Delusion — Miss Misanthropist

Disgusting Male Feminists — Miss Misanthropist

Even with as much as I hate feminists, I cannot stand the men who identify as feminists as well. There are plenty of them too, they are sometimes referred to as white knights. They are the men who pop up to defend people like Sarkeesian any time she makes a video. Usually they are the pussy whipped second half of a relationship. Their girlfriend is somewhat hot or at least putting out regularly and they fear they can’t do any better so it’s best to just kowtow to what their girlfriend (or wife) tells them. Then they end up making fools of themselves defending a movement that is entirely about hating men.  

Source: Disgusting Male Feminists — Miss Misanthropist

Why “Feminism” Today Disgusts Me | Thought Catalog

Feminism should be the fight for equal rights for male and female, not the fight against all things male.

Source: Why “Feminism” Today Disgusts Me | Thought Catalog

“White Nationalist” Yiannopoulos Gets $250K in Book Deal, Progs (& Zoe Quinn) Go Into Meltdown Mode

Source: “White Nationalist” Yiannopoulos Gets $250K in Book Deal, Progs (& Zoe Quinn) Go Into Meltdown Mode

Carla’s Facts to Consider Number 7: Australian Schools Are Not Banning The National Anthem

If you’re on social media of any kind, you have probably seen this meme used before (or, at least one similar to it): Now, I’m only going to do this fact from an Australian point of view as I have …

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Claudia Boleyn, the lying upper middle class stage school feminist who thinks she is special because she has been told so many times. Reblogging what slam poetry is, feminist slam poetry is something where feminists get to be sexist, rude, bigots and sound like they have all been to stage school, or taught by their communications professors.