Tag: Jobs For Homeless Men

Thunderclap For #helpthemworkforthemselves

A good person know as Sevvie Rose is doing a thunderclap for her lobbying idea for helping men work for themselves, which is aimed at helping homeless men work, take part in society, and feel better about themselves.

President Trump requested a $1 Trillion Dollar infrastructure bill be drafted by Congress, but I do not trust Representatives to speak for those who do not make enough money to speak for themselves; it is up to us to make it heard by our Congress and Representatives that putting our unskilled and unemployed labourers and homeless men back to work will rebuild our country and further improve our economy, as well as save the lives of thousands of people in every major city in this country.

These men don’t need a hand-out, they need a hand-up, and this is the precise moment in which we can give it to them. After all, if we #HelpThemWorkForThemselves, they will in turn help us work toward a greater and more prosperous America.

Please sign up, there are only four days left until the Thunderclap is activated.

Thank you.